Social Media Proposal

  • Do you have a digital presence?

  • Is your brand being presented consistently on attention grabbing mediums to new potential clients?  

  • Do you have ample, quality content to post on your social media channels on an affordable basis? 

  • Do you find outsourcing creatives on a regular basis to be expensive?

  • Is there time or internal resources within your team to create your own content? 

  • Are you exhausted having to constantly come up with new ideas to showcase your business?

Struggling with any of the above?

Let us blow your competition out of the water!

We have serviced hundreds of professionals in Sydney and know what works on social media to bolster your presence within the field. Below is our custom recommendation for your business.



  • Audit of your current social media channels

  • Content strategy plan

  • Discovery session with stakeholders

  • Weekly social media concept proposal via email.

  • 10 x high quality images on location or in studio.

  • 5 x instagram/facebook graphic tiles with copywriting.

  • Instagram/Facebook posts

  • 2 x 15 second video

  • 4 hours of community management

Aron Preparing Podsmall.jpg

Optional Extras

  • Podcast production

  • Animations and infographics

  • Press releases

  • Influencer outreach

  • Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns

  • Linkedin management

  • Twitter management

  • Virtual business development manager

Social media is here to stay. Don’t be a late adopter of the biggest game changer in business marketing since the internet. Lets begin our journey together today.

Send us your email below if the above proposal suits your needs and we will send you a quote to get the ball rolling.


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