We are a select group of experienced, award winning content creators and marketers,
delivering quality content to a fixed budget. Our work is beautiful, intelligent and effective.

Our recommendation for your practice is 3+ months of essential story building and asset creation with the aim to establish a strategic, multi-point marketing funnel via facebook and google advertising in the new year (or whenever you are ready, no rush).

We can do as little or as much as you like and our plans are totally customisable.


Meet the history makers

44035710_353688935178037_7942216496850141184_n copy.jpg

LISA - Digital Architect

You may have seen Lisa co-hosting the US TV hit series “I can make you a SUPERMODEL” where she would scour the streets of Netherlands searching for the next Doutzen Kroes. Several of the fresh faces she found were featured on the font pages of Vogue Magazine, opened runway shows for Prada, Marni, Chanel and so many more. She knows a thing or two about dealing with big brands, even bigger personalities, modelling agencies and the world of PR. Believe her when she tells you it was not all glitter and glam.

Coming back to Australia, she took on completing her Masters of Marketing to compliment her Medical Science degree and set her sights on becoming a digital marketing specialist. She began working her way through billion dollar organisations, managing their social media channels and digital marketing efforts.

Lisa now manages a team of history makers available to make your brand the next big thing. When she is not leading her team in the office, she is leading everyone else - she just can’t help it.

Screenshot 2018-10-17 18.12.15.jpg
Screenshot 2018-10-17 18.17.42.jpg

MONIKA - Memory Maker

Monika is the content creator who, as a Big 4 accountant, also loves numbers. When we say numbers we are only being politically correct, we actually mean money. She loves money. She loves making our clients money. At the same time she was featured on the cover of finance magazines, her photography was gracing covers of fashion magazines. Take that for a contradiction! Luckily for you she understands how ideas make a business grow. And if you are not cashing in from her ideas, she takes it very, very personally.

In her quest for the perfect photograph she will do whatever it takes to get the shot. She has walked alongside lions, clung onto the edge of waterfalls and swam with sharks (ocean sharks and boardroom sharks). When she is not breaking her back for photos she is in the hands of her physio.


ADRIAN - Digital Merchant

Social media marketing is simple, right? Post a picture with hashtags, pump some spend and the customers will come running - WRONG.

Adrian looks after our digital marketing division and specialises in advanced sales funnels, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads and more. He claims he can sell anything to anyone as long as they have one bar of wifi signal and 2% battery life.

He uses giant words like “pixel warming” and “funnel optimisation” - half of which we don’t understand, but he’s always happy to carefully explain to us and our clients exactly what is going on and why.

In his free time you can find him at the local Starbucks. His his drug of choice is the caramel frappucchino.


NICOLE - Word Assassin

A picture may tell a thousand words in a second, but a thousand words can hold your audience captive for an hour.

The name of the game is trading attention. As thumbs do more and more scrolling, clever long form copywriting holds the power to grip an audience. All digital platforms are analysing how engaged your audience is on every piece of content. A great photo will get their attention but amazing copy will keep it.

This model with a Masters is quite a confusing character. In person Nicole is a sweet woman of very few words. On paper is she a cold calculating serial manipulator.

Nicole has become Sydneys leading burger hunter. Sometimes doing multiple expeditions in a day.

14906967_10154028227447944_1587225459853009414_n copy.jpg

HUSS - Web & App Guru

Ever dreamed of becoming a billionaire with your app idea? Huss can bring your idea to life, or at the very least he can create engaging applications for your business to make your client’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Want a to create a branded app reminding your patients to floss daily with an instruction on how to do it? Easy done!

Huss is also our SEO whizz and can create websites with his eyes closed and hands tied.

When Huss is not busy coding up a storm, he is thinking of the next big app idea, and dreaming of how he will spend his billions. He has his eye on a very neat 2018 model Learjet and a few nick knacks at Christies.

Investment Overview

Dental practice


  • Audit of your current social media channels.

  • Discovery session with stakeholders and content plan.

  • Art curation of 15 grid Instagram feed (branding and filters see ideas below).

  • 10 x high quality professional lifestyle, flat-lay or beauty images on location or in studio with professional retouching.

  • 5 x Instagram/Facebook graphic tiles or slideshows with copywriting.

  • Retouching of up to 5 client supplied digital assets.

  • Retouching and curation of selected tagged user generated content for reposting.

  • 1 x Ad campaign and lead magnet creation (spend and set up managed by client).

  • 2 hours of community management.


  • Audit of your current social media channels.

  • Discovery session with stakeholders and content plan.

  • Art curation of 30 grid Instagram feed (branding and filters).

  • 15 x high quality professional photography images on location or in studio with professional retouching.

  • 10 x Instagram/Facebook graphic tiles or slideshows with copywriting.

  • 2 x 60 second video/interview by videographer.

  • Setting up highlights tabs. Reformatting and adding suitable content.

  • 1 weekly script of engaging story suggestions for Instagram/Facebook stories.

  • Retouching of up to 5 client supplied digital assets.

  • Retouching and curation of selected tagged user generated content for reposting.

  • 6 hours of community management.

  • 1 press release concept using the assets and concepts created.

  • Amplification suggestions (which posts to boost).

  • Complete management of an advanced multi stage marketing lead funnel (see annex 1) complete with lead magnets and optimisation. Spend additional and recommended additional spend is $500/month.

  • 2 hours of influencer collaboration based on client approved strategy.

  • Monthly reporting.

Ideas For You

They’re only the tip of the iceberg


@Shapeclinic.au https://www.instagram.com/shapeclinic.au/

*Not our client. We don’t hate we congratulate.

Here is an example of a sophisticated feed, mixing style and surgery. Its evident Dr. Liew had aspirations of becoming a fashion photographer, his stylish feed and great taste is obvious. The feed blends modern portrait photography, surgical procedures, flat lay images of medical products with sassy copywriting and technical knowledge.

It showcases women with flaws which is unusual for this industry and probably the reason why his follower count is not high, however, it was a risk he took for the sake of being authentic to his audience - confident women who want to look refreshed not ridiculous.

Hats of to Dr Liew. We love this feed.



Veneers & Vogue

In this curation concept, smiles meets style. Think Vogue crossed with a luxurious spa like service. The who’s who of the Eastern Suburbs will be lining up (if not already).

  • beauty shots of clients, influencers and/or models

  • slideshows of fashionable clients

  • focus on cosmetic procedures and high ticket items

  • copywriting referencing topical fashion and style

  • interior design inspiration from your practice

  • all images retouched to match the feed

  • if you want to be the trusted dentist to the elite, this is your feed.

*Beauty photos taken by Monika


Lifestyle & A White Smile

Bright and bubbly, this feed is is a favourite for social media users. The feel good feed, it makes anyone who comes across it feel fabulous.

  • lifestyle shots with lots of smiles

  • happy bright office imagery with the human touch

  • short videos of clients, testimonials and procedures

  • bright flat lays and outdoor photos

  • down to earth models and real clients

  • community content

  • if you love being loved and engagement from the masses, we highly recommend this concept.

*Lifestyle model photos taken by Monika.


Experts & Extractions

The goal of this feed is to explore highly complex dental issues and techniques. The general public may not understand every post, but they sure will be impressed and you will become the industry leader in your field.

  • videos of procedures exploring highly technical procedures and concepts

  • medical diagrams and photographs outlining complex issues

  • monochrome look and feel

  • before and after shots

  • extreme and gruesome cases (think Dr. Pimple Popper)

  • medical instrument flat lays

  • if you want to reach expert level and leave a legacy as Australia’s best dentist, lets go down this path. History making is our forte.

OR we can mix it up. Your feed is totally in your hands.

Annex 1.

Screenshot 2018-10-17 07.44.55.jpg

What is a marketing funnel?

Have you ever seen a facebook ad and bought the product immediately? Big ticket sales like veneers that cost the same price as a luxury car, do not come easily. A marketing funnel creates a series of retargeted ads to recapture the attention of potential customers.

In recent months facebook has tightened up their algorithm and those standard ads with your details targeting people in your post code no longer work. What does work is informative and engaging lead magnets targeted to the people that want to see them. Think ebooks about the pros and cons of veneers, slideshows of before and after cases, videos of the process.

Once set up the marketing funnel will work hard behind the scenes to warm up and qualify potential buyers.